Tuesday, August 5, 2008

How I think my sister should wear her skinny jeans in Paris ...

Oh, tapered jean, how I remember you from the 80's as the IT thing to wear. Even if you had to 'tight-roll' regular jeans, they had to be skinny. Pretty soon that look extended to the other end of the spectrum -- into the big bell-bottom and wide flares, and I was so grateful, since that style did nothing for me.

Now that the skinny jean look has come back my sister Kim is going to try this trend with a pair she picked up at Forever 21. She's debuting the look in Paris this month!

Here are some ways I think would work for my sister's petite, skinny frame:

With a tunic, a la Anne Hathaway -- I like the look of a lot on top and a little on the bottom. However, I think the wedges should go in favor of a cute flat.

Although it will probably be warm in Paris in the middle of August, I like the long cardigan over skinny jeans. These are more like straights, but you get the idea.

I love how Vanessa Hudgens makes it look so easy! Kim could pair her skinnies with lots of easy lights, whites, and grays, with a splash of color in her bag or a flowy scarf as shown here.

However she styles the skinnies, I'm sure they will look extra-cute!

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