Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ordering From Amazon

So, I'm just about to order a few things from when I can't muster up the courage to double the cost of my order just to ship it.  I might as well not save any money and buy it at the store.  Ridiculous, I tell you.

At first I just wanted to order a charger for my phone because I lost my original.  I found one for only 75¢ so I ordered two.  Then I thought, I might as well get a car charger, too, because they start as low as $4.  Now I had two items in my cart.

I thought to myself, "This is sweet.  It's Sunday and it's snowing out and I'm shopping from the comfort of my desk chair."

So I spend a few minutes looking over Treo accessories.  A 1GB SD card for $14.95?  Sign me up!  I click 'Add to Cart' excitedly.

What else can I buy?  Handbags, Dvds, Books, Jewelry?

Yes, Jewelry!  I found a lovely celtic ring for $10.99.  Add that, quantity one, in a size 7 please.

Time to proceed to checkout.  I only spent $33-something.  Not bad at all.  I can't get out of Target spending less than that.  But after I went through all the filling out of forms and such, the total had jumped to $52!!!

Forget it!!  I started deleting items.  First the ring, because I have enough jewelry, and besides, it might turn my finger green.  Then off came the SD card because I already have one, and I might lose such a small thing as that.

So now I am down to just the two charger cables.  Retail value $6.45, but to ship it I pay more than $14!!!

Cancel my order, I'm outta here. 

I'm going to the store.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blathering On...

I got contact lenses!  Yay for me!  I haven't had them in about ten years and they are much easier to care for now. No rubbing and rinsing and such, and I don't have to be as careful because they are disposable.  I could buy an entire year's worth for $200.  The last pair I had cost $100 alone.  So I'm very happy now.

I got this sweet gig typing papers for one of my classmates.  Sometimes it's last-minute notice, but it usually doesn't take me more than an hour to do, and I make a quick $20.  The thing is, I notice while I'm typing his paper that sometimes he's missing the point of the assignment a bit.  And I could help him get an A on the paper if I just changed this, and that.  But then I'd be writing it, and that would be like cheating, so I don't say anything.  Now of course, I feel guilty because I could have helped him....

I've been studying with this other guy and it's so funny because it's hard to keep him on track.  He gets sidetracked really easily, like economics reminds him of all these other topics and he just starts it was really hard to get him on track until we came up with this system.  I just start clicking my pen until he realizes he's gone off on a tangent and then we both start laughing.

Something was really wrong with one of my professors yesterday.  She could barely read out loud and she was all flushed in the face.  She was getting distracted really easily and slurring her words.  After she let us out early, some discussion started forming of course, that she had been drinking.  I had heard another story earlier that day, that she has high blood pressure, and I wanted to stick to that to give her the benefit of the doubt.  But you know how gossip starts. In fact, I'm no better because here I am telling all of you, and the whole world for that matter.  I suppose it's not as bad because I didn't give any identifying information.  Yeah, that's different.  That would be terrible to have her reputation ruined like that, if it is a drinking problem...

I've been listening to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, it's absolutely lovely....I saw the movie the other day at my friends and I need to own it as soon as humanly possible.

Oh one more thing.  I have this thing where I cannot STAND the smell that the dish sponge takes on after about a week and I throw it away.  I can smell it from the next room, but it seems I'm the only one with this bionic sense of smell and Tom can't understand why I throw it away so quickly.  I would rather buy a new pack of sponges than smell that putrid smell of dishrag. 

That reminds me, I need to go to the store and buy dish sponges and Marie Antoinette.  And a new mouse.  The scroll wheel is broken on ours.

Have a great day!

Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

In honor of Presidents Day, I want to briefly revisit this topic before we go any further:


Do you think Alexander Hamilton was a Hottie?

Yeah! Let's go back to the 18th century!
I dunno. He's alright.
No way! What are you, nuts?!?!

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Okay so I just got back from the DMV, apparently they are closed on President's Day. Just a heads up to anyone else that was gonna try and get up early and get out there to be first in line next year on President's Day - don't waste time doing that.

I am going for an eye exam today.  My vision has been getting worse, I think.  I like to sit in the back of each class but the problem with that is I can't see a thing unless I put on my very old glasses and look through the scratches.  But usually I have forgotten those and just squint as hard as I can, writhing around in my chair this way and that just to read five words or so and then copy those down hurriedly because I know at this rate I will run out of time to write everything before it is erased.

I want to get contacts.  Hopefully my vision has deteriorated enough in my right eye to warrant having a contact lense in that eye.  The last time I went for contacts I was told that since my vision is near-perfect in that eye, they could not issue just one contact lense, nor could they provide a 'dummy' lense.  My only option was glasses.

Anyways, I cannot forget to bring my sunglasses because I just know they will be dilating my eyes and that is the most painful feeling in the world.  Well, probably not the most painful, but quite uncomfortable if you don't have proper eye protection. 

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Am I Crazy?

I should have posted something on Thursday night.  It never fails, I get the most traffic on Thursdays.  I do not know why.

Okay anyways.  Guess what I did.  Go on, just guess.  ( I do this to Tom, too, it drives him nuts)  Give up?

I joined the Student Senate!

I guess that rally the other day inspired me to be a part of something that can make a difference. 

This is not going to be like that time I joined the MATC Times and then never wrote anything.  I actually already requested off for the meetings on the first and third Fridays of the month.

Here's the back story:

I take notes for several people in my Econ class.  One of those people is a very nice guy who also happens to be on the Senate.  He was talking to me while I was copying my notes for him (he says I take very good notes, by the way) and invited me to join.  It was the last day possible and we had to get 25 signatures from students in order to get me on the ballot. 

Well, I'm so glad I was dressed nicely and my hair was looking cute because that made it easier to approach some of the guys (one said he wouldn't sign unless I gave him my number but he was kidding and then he signed it anyways).  After I got 25 signatures, I filled out the paperwork and went to write myself in on the ballot.  (I guess all you need is one vote, the process is just a formality.)  Then I took a tour of the Senate office and saw some of what they do and so forth.  So now it is official, and I have already made some friends, and I have something great to put on my resume!

Am I crazy?  I have a part time job, a freelance job, two note-taking jobs, I'm taking 12 credits, I'm joining a gym, I'm on the student senate, and I have a family and a boyfriend.  And a blog!


Friday, February 16, 2007

Got Contract?

On Valentine's Day, I was on campus eating lunch when I heard the faculty at the table next to me talking about a strike. 

"Are you going to the rally?"  "Man, I wouldn't be seen down there"  "I'm going"  "Hold a sign for me"

Soon after that, I heard a ruckus going on.  People yelling "Yeah!" and such.

I went to investigate.



SO.  Drama time!!!!

The faculty at MATC is pissed because the president, Darnell Cole, remodeled his personal office, gets 6 weeks paid vacation after only 6 years, and has health care benefits for life.  And what do they have?  None of that. 

This Valentine's Day Rally slogan was, "Got Contract?  Cole Does."  (Meanwhile the ceiling caved in on 12 students on the fifth floor last week.)

I didn't even know whose side I was on but I got so fired up by that guy on the platform thingie that soon I found myself yelling "Yeah!" when he asked if they deserved all the perks Cole has and "NO!" when he asked if it was fair.

The teachers are excellent, they make themselves available and do their best to prepare us for careers, and no, I have never seen Dr. Cole in the flesh.  But I started to think that being on their side was like signing a something without reading it.  I didn't have all the facts.  So I stopped yelling and just observed   hehe I'm such a fence-sitter.

The end of the rally:

MATC Faculty Rally

"We are the union - Mighty mighty union - What do we want - Contract - When do we want it - Now - Who's got a contract - Cole's got a contract"  I love how that one woman was late on that last call... lol