Friday, August 15, 2008

Bob Likes It Rough

This was in my inbox today:

"hi my name is robert.

my friends call me bob

but can i ask u something with out u getting mad at me?
its just a qwashion?
but if someone wonted u to tie me to a tree and u could cut-wipe-kick-slape-and brake some small bones..and make them feel a lot of pain..and make me bleed real bad?..for free or monie...would u do that? to me??
please let me no what u think...k? its me im talking about.
please write back....please do not get mad...
its just a qwashion
no sex involed

please write back

your friend always



Um. NO.


Londyn said...

weird and freaky!!!

Jay Amabile said...

omg! that's just bizarre. people are into some weird shit.

Ashley S said...

woah-ho-ho!! That's really strange. Was it a real person you think, or one of those weird spam things we get in our in-boxes? Strange.