Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tommy Bahama - Very Cool

I went perfume shopping yesterday. This is sometimes a frustrating task, because once you have smelled two you have smelled them all. If you're lucky, like I was yesterday, one of the first two will smell so good that it becomes your final choice.

tommy-bahama-very-cool It did come down to two scents for me: Tommy Bahama and Tommy Bahama Very Cool. The regular Tommy Bahama in the pink bottle was more floral and flirty while the blue bottle of citrusy Very Cool caught my nose coming back for more with a clean crisp scent of tangerine, clementine, pink pomelo and cactus flower. Kim and Dave both initially thought that the Very Cool disappeared when they smelled it. I thought perhaps the first scent was just overpowering the cooler scent. So we went back and forth: left wrist, right wrist, which do you like better, smell this one again, now look at me and smell it, close your eyes and smell it, smell fresh air and then smell it again, compare it to this one -- it was really quite ridiculous! But it helped me make a final decision: I just ignored everything they said and bought the one I liked. 

Tommy Bahama Very Cool is going to be my new signature summer scent (I used to wear Clinique Happy).  It is clean and calm, summery and citrusy.  The scent doesn't call attention to itself -- it is subtly intriguing. (It made me want to smell my own arm every ten minutes after I sprayed myself at the fragrance counter.) The bonus was that the 6 pm spritz on my wrist was still lingering when I woke up the next morning at 6 am. I am Very Happy with my choice.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Water Cooler Moments...

Water Cooler Moments...

with Dave and Anne 


Because, isn't the internet just a big water cooler, anyway?



Moment 1

Dave: "My you sure are tan!"

Anne: "I've been tanning in the beds a bit."

Dave: "Oh yeah, how much does that cost?"

Anne: "$7.00."

Dave: "Seven dollars!!  I could buy a tanning bed for that much!!"


Moment 2

Dave: "Hey Anne, what's the difference between a trampoline and a pile of dead babies?"

Anne: "That you're a Nazi?"


Moment 3 

Dave: "What were we just talking about?"

Anne: "Jeez, I can't remember...Don't you wish you could have a camera recording everything so you could just rewind?"

Dave: "Yeah! I'd call it KonstaKam, with two K's!"

Anne: "Um, that sounds like a laxative."


Moment 4

Dave: "I'm hungry, do you have any snacks?'

Anne: "There's something in my desk with your name on it!"

Dave: (finds 'David' sunflower kernels) (laughter ensues)


Moment 5

Anne: "Hey Dave, listen to this song, you'll love it!" (hands him headphones)

(Anne starts dancing that little finger dance boogy)

Dave: "It's not on."

Anne:  "Oh, oops."

 stay tuned for more ...

Water Cooler Moments