Monday, March 26, 2007

Grand Ball

I went to the MATC Grand Ball on Saturday night.  (It's like a prom for adults)  My sister was my date.  I was joking around like, I hope when we walk in, we look enough like sisters that nobody thinks we are lesbians.  Somebody was like, "They will probably just think you are friends."  I'm like, "Oh yeah."  And it was too funny, when our cousin was helping us get ready, somebody said something like, "Dont flirt with any boys"  And I'm like, "Why are we going, then?"  Tom would be upset at this but I was kidding of course...

Jesse did my hair up all cute.  She hooked me up with the huge hot-roller springy 50's style curls with tons of body.  I pinned a little flower clip in my hair and it was stunning until about five minutes on the dance floor....

My dress was a black halter cocktail dress that came just below the knee.  My shoes were hot (for Payless shoes).  And I had ear bling, arm bling, and ring bling.  I just felt downright hot.  I also got to walk in the court because my friend Chris was up for King and I escorted him.  Damn that spotlight was bright!

After a few drinks, I just danced and danced.  I was instructed to 'save a dance' for like six different people (I'm probably exaggerating but at least three).  I felt so popular because I actually knew a lot of people there from the Senate, so there was always someone to go and talk to.  None of this awkward looking around bullshit that makes me usually hate shit like that. 

Anyways my feet were killing me by the end of the night.  I really had a great time.  And I don't usually do things like this so I am very proud of myself.  The other thing I am very proud of is that I did not tell a bunch of people that I don't dance, because then they MAKE you dance when you don't want to.  I learned that if you just keep your mouth shut, the chances of being pulled onto the dance floor decrease tenfold.  But still, my sister pulled me up there, and by that time, I was glad someone did, because I was ready to have a good old time!

We did the mandatory 2 a.m. breakfast at 1 a.m., and then went home and crashed. 

You know what?  I kind of told myself that I was going to start attending more social stuff even if I am scared and nervous most of the time.  Because with each new thing that I do I'm learning that it really does make me feel better and not worse.  So yes, I am patting myself on the back.

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