Monday, March 5, 2007


I'm going to get a nose job tomorrow.  I'm just sick of my nose, it's right in the middle of my face and its always in the way...Im just getting it moved to a more convenient location.....

Just kidding!  Boy you were thinking I was the most ridiculous person you ever met weren't you?!  There's really no point to that.  Here are some things I want to endorse though, so just bear with me through that:

The Chancery:

If you are ever in Wisconsin and you want a fun experience, visit the Chancery Pub and Grill.  Unique things about this restaurant: they serve you free popcorn on the tables, have a cute menu that you don't want to part with after you order, and they have very Wisconsin-ey foods like hot bean salad, beer cheese soup served with a hot pretzel, shredded onions....and the portions are very Milwaukee -- what I mean is they are huge.  The entrees are about $10 but you will never finish them unless you plan on unbuttoning your jeans after the meal.


Thanks Anthonyc!  This is a streaming music site where you can specify what genre of music, what tempo, what mood, what era, and it chooses what you might like.  If you don't like what they chose, you can usually find another bubbly link to something you do like.  Or just change your settings with one click.  I've had it on all morning and I've discovered all sorts of new music that I like.  And here I thought I only like indie rock.  Turns out I like almost anything if the mood and tempo are right!

Mia Rose:

Controversy over whether she's backed by a label aside, this young lady can SING.  I love her sound, her look, her American English accent, everything.  The first time I heard "Say It Right" was Mia Rose singing it on YouTube.  She owned this song completely.  The link is to the video of her singing Say It Right and I just love her shades here.  If you like that check out her channel, there are lots of good songs there.

Absolut Raspberri:

Went to a party on Saturday night and this drink was a hit.  Just Absolut Raspberri and pineapple juice (pine-orange works well too) in a shaker, shake, pour, ice, enjoy.  Probably tastes better in a glass but we had the drinking party red plastic cups and those do it justice so whatever works for you.  Warning: just a few and you may wind up like the people in pic behind the link!

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