Monday, February 19, 2007

President's Day

In honor of Presidents Day, I want to briefly revisit this topic before we go any further:


Do you think Alexander Hamilton was a Hottie?

Yeah! Let's go back to the 18th century!
I dunno. He's alright.
No way! What are you, nuts?!?!

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Okay so I just got back from the DMV, apparently they are closed on President's Day. Just a heads up to anyone else that was gonna try and get up early and get out there to be first in line next year on President's Day - don't waste time doing that.

I am going for an eye exam today.  My vision has been getting worse, I think.  I like to sit in the back of each class but the problem with that is I can't see a thing unless I put on my very old glasses and look through the scratches.  But usually I have forgotten those and just squint as hard as I can, writhing around in my chair this way and that just to read five words or so and then copy those down hurriedly because I know at this rate I will run out of time to write everything before it is erased.

I want to get contacts.  Hopefully my vision has deteriorated enough in my right eye to warrant having a contact lense in that eye.  The last time I went for contacts I was told that since my vision is near-perfect in that eye, they could not issue just one contact lense, nor could they provide a 'dummy' lense.  My only option was glasses.

Anyways, I cannot forget to bring my sunglasses because I just know they will be dilating my eyes and that is the most painful feeling in the world.  Well, probably not the most painful, but quite uncomfortable if you don't have proper eye protection. 

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