Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blathering On...

I got contact lenses!  Yay for me!  I haven't had them in about ten years and they are much easier to care for now. No rubbing and rinsing and such, and I don't have to be as careful because they are disposable.  I could buy an entire year's worth for $200.  The last pair I had cost $100 alone.  So I'm very happy now.

I got this sweet gig typing papers for one of my classmates.  Sometimes it's last-minute notice, but it usually doesn't take me more than an hour to do, and I make a quick $20.  The thing is, I notice while I'm typing his paper that sometimes he's missing the point of the assignment a bit.  And I could help him get an A on the paper if I just changed this, and that.  But then I'd be writing it, and that would be like cheating, so I don't say anything.  Now of course, I feel guilty because I could have helped him....

I've been studying with this other guy and it's so funny because it's hard to keep him on track.  He gets sidetracked really easily, like economics reminds him of all these other topics and he just starts it was really hard to get him on track until we came up with this system.  I just start clicking my pen until he realizes he's gone off on a tangent and then we both start laughing.

Something was really wrong with one of my professors yesterday.  She could barely read out loud and she was all flushed in the face.  She was getting distracted really easily and slurring her words.  After she let us out early, some discussion started forming of course, that she had been drinking.  I had heard another story earlier that day, that she has high blood pressure, and I wanted to stick to that to give her the benefit of the doubt.  But you know how gossip starts. In fact, I'm no better because here I am telling all of you, and the whole world for that matter.  I suppose it's not as bad because I didn't give any identifying information.  Yeah, that's different.  That would be terrible to have her reputation ruined like that, if it is a drinking problem...

I've been listening to the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, it's absolutely lovely....I saw the movie the other day at my friends and I need to own it as soon as humanly possible.

Oh one more thing.  I have this thing where I cannot STAND the smell that the dish sponge takes on after about a week and I throw it away.  I can smell it from the next room, but it seems I'm the only one with this bionic sense of smell and Tom can't understand why I throw it away so quickly.  I would rather buy a new pack of sponges than smell that putrid smell of dishrag. 

That reminds me, I need to go to the store and buy dish sponges and Marie Antoinette.  And a new mouse.  The scroll wheel is broken on ours.

Have a great day!

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