Friday, February 16, 2007

Got Contract?

On Valentine's Day, I was on campus eating lunch when I heard the faculty at the table next to me talking about a strike. 

"Are you going to the rally?"  "Man, I wouldn't be seen down there"  "I'm going"  "Hold a sign for me"

Soon after that, I heard a ruckus going on.  People yelling "Yeah!" and such.

I went to investigate.



SO.  Drama time!!!!

The faculty at MATC is pissed because the president, Darnell Cole, remodeled his personal office, gets 6 weeks paid vacation after only 6 years, and has health care benefits for life.  And what do they have?  None of that. 

This Valentine's Day Rally slogan was, "Got Contract?  Cole Does."  (Meanwhile the ceiling caved in on 12 students on the fifth floor last week.)

I didn't even know whose side I was on but I got so fired up by that guy on the platform thingie that soon I found myself yelling "Yeah!" when he asked if they deserved all the perks Cole has and "NO!" when he asked if it was fair.

The teachers are excellent, they make themselves available and do their best to prepare us for careers, and no, I have never seen Dr. Cole in the flesh.  But I started to think that being on their side was like signing a something without reading it.  I didn't have all the facts.  So I stopped yelling and just observed   hehe I'm such a fence-sitter.

The end of the rally:

MATC Faculty Rally

"We are the union - Mighty mighty union - What do we want - Contract - When do we want it - Now - Who's got a contract - Cole's got a contract"  I love how that one woman was late on that last call... lol

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