Friday, October 10, 2014

My Dad and Brett Favre

Happy Birthday Dad! Each time I mentioned his birthday to him this week, he reminded me that it's Brett Favre's birthday too. Dad and Brett Favre, on the same playing field for one day a year. Just a few years apart ;)

He also remembers that he'll be 74 years old, which I think is pretty good, because it means he knows what year it is. (He and I were both born on -0 years, 1940 and 1980, so we only need the most basic of math in order to figure out how old we are any given year).

I struggle with birthday gifts for him. I don't think he needs much to be content. He enjoys music. 70's and 60's tunes and jazz. A new album (or an old one!) would light him up. We also like to spoil him with good food when we can. Since I don't cook that looks like fresh fruit from the market on Layton or Qdoba or Leon's ice cream. His taste is a sense he can still enjoy, but his diabetes doesn't want us to bring him sweets all the time. He loves Diet Coke. I think I could probably bring him a case of that stuff and make him a very happy man. I'm the same way, Dad. I get it.

It's hard for him to get around, and harder for kids to get him around. In the past, tickets to a show or an Admirals game would be a cool gift. These days, unfortunately it's kind of an ordeal for one person to make that happen. On top of that, Dad's vision isn't the best these days.

However! His cataract surgery is scheduled for November 4th! The nurses who helped schedule it say it's a simple surgery and could really improve his vision, since he's got the cataract in his one good eye. It's got to be so hard for him to eat, navigate, visit with people... everything... with no vision. Right now we can't show him pics of his adorable nephew Isaiah... come to think of it, he really hasn't SEEN Isaiah. He's held him, he's heard him, but he has not witnessed how absolutely adorable that blonde-haired blue-eyed toddler is.

Come to think of it, he really hasn't even seen Sarah and Ethan either. Since they moved here last year, his vision has been on the decline. Oh, can you imagine seeing all these wonderful beautiful grandkids? Watching Sarah as she reads aloud from the book they share a few days a week? Seeing Ethan's face light up with that special smile? I could cry right now. This opens up the possibility of a lot of joy for him.

That will be a treat. I pray the surgery is a gift for him. To give him the gift of his vision back will drastically increase his quality of life. I bet Brett Favre isn't getting anything that cool.

So this year, and as often as possible, we'll surround him with music and good food and grandkids and love. And Diet Coke.


Jane Somers said...

Happy birthday to your dad! (And, of course, to Brett Favre.) I hear that cataract surgery is miraculous. I hope you get to be there the first time he really sees his grandchildren!

Anne said...

Thank you Jane! I hope it works, it all sounds like it will... I hope I am there too, it's going to be so beautiful.