Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Post Race Blues

Here it is, a few days after the marathon, and all those familiar post-marathon feelings are coming up.

What was the point?

So I did all that training... kicked things off in June, meticulously grayed out each run in my spreadsheet as I completed it. I got up so early. I ran ten miles on the treadmill that one time. I spent entire Saturdays recovering from long runs on the couch because I had a wicked post-run migraine. Then I ran the race. 5 hours of running on a Sunday in October and then it's all over. Even if I would have gotten a PR, which I didn't - in fact I got my worst time - what was the point? 

No one cares but me. 

My spectators cared, on race day! That was awesome! I felt the love, man. But I came back to work and told a few people. Wow. A marathon. That's really far right? You have no idea. Honestly, it doesn't matter to anyone but me. I told my mom. She doesn't really get the distinction between this and a half marathon or anything else really. Big deal. The thing I need to remember is that it's only important to me.
What do I do now?

Do I sign up for another marathon? It was really hard, and if I don't do another one, I could totally avoid that pain! And this depressing post marathon period where I get all shitty about it being over. But the training is pretty awesome. I realize that in the past, I felt like the training was the stupid part and the race was fun. So, I'm learning and growing. I suppose that counts for something. 

I miss training, but it's too soon to fire back up to full throttle.

"They" say you should ease back into running the way you taper down for the race. Minimal miles this week, and a short long run on the weekend. Other marathoners are out running again already, so maybe I'd be ok? Do I risk it? Maybe I just jump right back into another training cycle? I lost all that weight... I don't want to gain it back! Plus, training is hard in the winter. Meh.

I feel kind of negative about this whole thing, but I guess that's part of the deal. Post marathon blues until they go away... I'll let you know when that is.

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