Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wakey Wakey

I got up at 6 am today. I could have gotten ready and gone to work early so I wouldn't have to stay past 4 (I can never fully concentrate after 4pm) but there are two reasons why I cannot do this and must wait to leave until 8.

1. I carpool. Every morning my coworker Kate comes to my house and we leave from there. We trade off weeks, one week I drive, one week she drives. It saves a lot of money on gas but unfortch I have to wait until 8 am for her to arrive before we can go. Obviously.

2. The teenager lives with us now. He has a regimented schedule which his father worked out perfectly to allow me and him adequate bathroom time. Sucky part is if I get up any earlier than 7am and have to pee I am forced to hold it until the door opens. Sure I could knock but I can usually wait an extra few minutes. Anyways there is no way I could access the bathroom between 6am and 7am (yes the boy takes an hour in there I wonder what takes so long).

So I must stay on my schedule and push through that last dreadful hour at my desk, gorgeous afternoon weather + sleepy afternoon naptime or not.

***But the crazy thing was even though I got up at 6am today I did not get in the shower until 7:40 and I was still ready on time. How did I do that AND switch outfits three times, you ask???

I have no idea.

This is a ridiculous blog post.