Monday, April 14, 2008

Out of Body Experience

Last night I had a crazy dream ....

I wanted to get something pierced, but I was too afraid to go by myself. So I asked my friend Holly if she would take me. I knew Holly could handle it; she's had tattoos before and she's pretty bold. So while she took me to get pierced, I went off and did my own thing for a while. <--- Yeah, she literally took my body into the piercing shop, so that she experienced the pain and not me, and I didn't feel a thing! Crazy, I know. It's a dream, remember!

A few hours later when she returned my body to me I noticed that my lower lip was pierced on both sides. It was pretty cool, I must admit. I couldn't stop checking myself out in the mirror. I'm so edgy, I kept thinking. I then wondered what else was pierced and asked Tom to check out my new look. He said that the back of my neck was pierced, which I thought was really cool. Then I lifted my shirt and found my whole back was pierced with big, giant barbell needles! All the way down my spine - I looked fierce! I was also told that *ahem* some other places were *cough* pierced too, if you know what I mean. But I didn't feel any pain, just a little discomfort from getting used to my own skin again. I thanked Holly for going through it for me.

Then, with a twisted tinge of buyers remorse, I started to wonder if my new look was going to go with my wardrobe ...

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Psyche said...

Hmmm...I wonder how many things we would do if we did not have to experience the associated pain?

Your last line was right on point for me. I love the look of piercings, and have always wanted an eyebrow piercing. But, then I am quickly reminded how that would not quite fit my overall *look and lifestyle*.